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Worth The Risk

It's your friend Britta. You remember me, right? I wanted to provide an update about where things are headed for me.

"It will be worth the risk," is a gnawing thought I've been reaffirming myself as of lately. Why? Because I've got nothing to lose. Times like these are uncertain, and the only thing that's holding me back is myself now that I no longer have a full-time job. Today, I am taking the gamble. Moving forward, I'm focusing and repositing myself around new opportunities creating illustrations, designs, and a handful of other services. I will be available for freelance projects and illustrations. Coming back into the freelance arena will be rough, seeing that I haven't worked from home in the last five years. I will have to build new habits, trust myself more, invest in my own time, and saying goodbye to my social life. This is a big leap. However, It's an exciting time for me to push myself to not only be a better artist but working on what makes me the happiest in life - creating. This includes opening back up my web store and just putting in the effort to be a little more frequent with my web presence and promoting my products. I promise I won't spam you because I appreciate our friendship and your support in this journey of making this a way of life for me. You've all been great in supporting me and because of all this, I know I'm worth the risk. Until next time...



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