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Secrets of Creating Better Art in 2023

This article was originally published on Medium

It’s no secret that building better habits is essential to your success and growth as an artist. But with the hustle and bustle of daily life, it can be easy to let your creative goals fall by the wayside, especially for some when creating art is a side gig. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of tools and resources to help you build better habits in 2023 and take your art to the next level.

Planning First and foremost, a planner or calendar is a must-have for any artist. By scheduling and prioritizing your tasks, you can ensure that you’re making the most of your time and staying on track. My go-to before creating anything are my “3 C’s,” a calendar, calculator, and checklist.

Bujo Method is my go-to

Sketchbook as an everyday carry A sketchbook is another essential tool for any artist. A sketchbook is a great place to brainstorm and develop ideas, whether you’re just starting or a seasoned pro. Plus, it’s always handy to have a place to jot down inspiration when it strikes.

Having a physical place to jot down your thoughts can be much more satisfying and effective than relying on digital notes. I always carry around my bullet journal. It’s a great way to organize all my information in one notebook. So next time you head out, grab your notebook or sketchbook — you never know when inspiration will strike.

Hand-painted trinket box

Switch Mediums Of course, an artist can only have a set of paints or other art supplies. Regular practice is key to improving your skills and staying sharp, so ensure you have a reliable set of materials.

Each medium has its own unique qualities and challenges, which can help you grow as an artist and discover new ways of creating. By trying out different mediums, you’ll be able to find what works best for you and your style and learn more about the medium itself. Additionally, exploring other mediums can help you break through creative blocks and inspire new ideas. Don’t be afraid to try out something new.

Moving my desk away from the window helps me avoid distractions.

Reorganize your workspace A well-designated workspace or studio is also essential for any artist. A dedicated space to focus and create will help you stay organized and productive. Reorganizing your workspace can be a game-changer in staying on top of your artwork. By creating a clear and organized space, you’ll be able to focus on your work and find what you need more quickly. Plus, a tidy workspace can help you feel more motivated and inspired to create.

But reorganizing your workspace isn’t just about practicality — it can also provide a different outlook and headspace when creating. By rearranging your space and introducing new elements, you can change your perspective and stimulate your creativity. A slight change can go a long way when you move things up.

Read more books In addition to your physical tools, a set of art books or instructional materials can be a great source of inspiration and learning. Whether you’re looking to improve your techniques or get inspired, there’s no shortage of fantastic art books.

Catch these hands (in boxing) in 2023

Remember your health and wellness Have a stash of healthy snacks to keep your energy and creativity levels up. Whether it’s nuts, fruit, or a protein bar, having healthy options will help fuel your creativity and keep you going.

Exercise can also help to clear your mind and reduce stress, which can significantly hinder creativity. By taking a break from your work and getting your body moving, you can allow your mind to relax and open up to new ideas and inspiration.

Meditation and mindfulness tools, such as a meditation app or journal, can also help improve focus and clarity. You can improve your productivity and creativity by taking a few moments to clear your mind. Overall health and well-being can lead to increased productivity and creativity.

Emphasis on Community Expanding your community is important to building a deep connection with your audience. When you connect with other artists and art lovers, you can share your work, get feedback, and collaborate on projects. This can help you hone your craft, develop your artistic voice, find new opportunities, and reach a wider audience.

Having a community also keeps you accountable for creating art. When you have a support system of people who are interested in your work, it can be a great motivator to keep creating and sharing your art. It’s easy to get bogged down in the day-to-day tasks of life and lose sight of your artistic goals, but having a community to support and encourage you can help to keep you on track and keep you motivated.

So if you’re an artist looking to build a deep connection to your audience and stay accountable to creating art, consider expanding your community. Connect with other artists and art lovers, share your work, and collaborate on projects. You’ll be amazed at the impact it can have on your art and your career.

Become your project manager Time management and productivity tools, such as a timer or to-do list app, can also be a huge help when it comes to building better habits. By keeping track of your tasks and setting achievable goals, you can make the most of your time and stay on track. I use Notion, a free tool to keep your notes, tasks, and calendar organized.

Inspo. Inspo. Inspo.

Find inspiration in everyday Finally, having a set of creative prompts or exercises can be a great way to break through creative blocks and spark new ideas. Whether a list of prompts or a structured activity, having something to help jumpstart your creativity can be a game-changer.

Building better habits as an artist requires a combination of tools and resources. By incorporating these elements into your daily routine, you’ll be well on your way to improving your skills and taking your art to the next level.



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